Beginners’ Spanish: Ebook

Beginners’ Spanish: Ebook

Mark Stacey Ángela González Hevia


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Learn to speak, read, write and understand Spanish!

Love, Travel, Study, Work, Friendship-whatever your reason for wanting to learn, Beginners' Spanish will help you to:  

Communicate naturally in everyday situations.
Build your confidence with easy-to-follow explanations and plenty of practice activities.
Understand and pronounce Spanish easily with online audio.
Remember what you learn with our effective Discovery Method.
Focus your learning and track your progress with practical tools and planners.

Access the audio for this course for free by downloading it to the Teach Yourself Library app or streaming it on 

Is this course for me?
Beginners' Spanish is for absolute beginners and those who've had some previous experience with the language and want to refresh their knowledge. Clear and simple explanations make the course appropriate and accessible to anyone learning Spanish. There are extensive illustrations and tools to help you plan your studies and track your progress, all designed to support learning on your own. This course is also ideal to use with one-to-one tutoring and as a classroom course, and it's the perfect resource to pair with a language-learning app.

Where do I go next?
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Have some fun with our Short Stories in Spanish for Beginners by Olly Richards' or 50 Spanish Coffee Breaks.

This ebook can be viewed online on library.teachyourself,com, or downloaded to the Teach Yourself Library app.

The audio for this course is included within the enhanced ebook, but it can also be downloaded separately for free to the Teach Yourself Library app or streamed at