Get Started in Hungarian

Get Started in Hungarian

Zsuzsa Pontifex


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If you are an absolute beginner or simply looking for a solid foundation to your Hungarian studies for school, work or travel, this engaging course will help get you on your way to speaking, writing, reading and understanding Hungarian in no time.

Get Started in Beginner's Hungarian maps from A1 to A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Through culture notes, clear language presentations, and extensive practice and review, you will pick up the Hungarian you need to communicate naturally in everyday situations - from shopping and travelling to food and daily life.

Engaging with our interactive Discovery Method, you'll absorb language rules faster, remember what you learn easily and put your Hungarian to use with confidence.

Get Started in Beginner's Hungarian has a learner-centered approach that incorporates the following features:

  • Outcomes-based approach - Focus your learning with clear goals
  • Learn to learn - Tips and skills on how to be a better language learner
  • Discovery method - Figure out rules and patterns for yourself to make the language stick
  • Self-check and test yourself - See and assess your own progress
  • Personalisation - Use the language in real situations

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Zsuzsa Pontifex:
Zsuzsa Pontifex was born in Hungary and has a degree in Hungarian and English from Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest. She has studied Russian and English literature in Moscow and London. After three years teaching English and Hungarian in a Budapest secondary school she moved to Britain, where she worked for the Hungarian section of the BBC World Service. Since 1990 she has been running Hungarian Language Services (HLS), a language school and translation/interpreting agency which teaches Hungarian to diplomats, businesspeople and private individuals. She also sets Hungarian language exams for the Foreign Office and the Institute of Linguists.