Bonus Prompts

Bonus Prompts

Jo Franco


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Welcome, journaler!

This bonus prompt pack includes 10 journal prompts to get you started on your Fluentish journey and to give you a taste of the prompts you’ll find in the Fluentish journal. In this pack, you will find 5 mild and 5 spicy prompts that will help you memorize new vocabulary, learn more about yourself, and make you reflect in your new target language.

Through journaling, you will connect both emotionally and logically to your target language which will create context based on your unique outlook on the world. This 'emotional learning' style will use memory and feeling to help you engage authentically with your study material and grow your fluency one entry at a time. The Fluentish method creates a mind-body connection to take your learning off the page and into the real world.

Ready to dive into the prompts and get Fluentish?


Jo Franco:
Jo Franco is a Netflix travel host, podcaster, filmmaker, writer, and founder of JoClub, a global online journaling community. She has been documenting her language learning process and travels on social media for several years, acquiring over 1 million followers across several platforms. She currently speaks six languages, and uses multilingualism as a way to connect to the world to tell authentic stories about humanity.