50 French Coffee Breaks Bonus Pack

50 French Coffee Breaks Bonus Pack

Coffee Break Languages


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50 French Coffee Breaks is designed to make it easy for you to learn just a little bit of French every single time you take a Coffee Break. For this Bonus Pack, we have created 5 exclusive activities which will allow you to sample the 50 Coffee Breaks learning experience before you purchase your copy.

The activities included will take around 5, 10 or 15 minutes to complete and this will be indicated next to each one, so that you can choose an activity according to how long you have to spend on your French today.

The 5 activities will focus on the following areas: grammar practice, understanding idioms, reading comprehension, translation skills, vocabulary expansion, cultural awareness.

Discover some of the types of activities which you will find in 50 French Coffee Breaks and make your language learning the most enjoyable part of your day!


Coffee Break Languages:
In 2006 Coffee Break Spanish became the first podcast for beginners of Spanish and immediately caught the attention of listeners. Soon, language learners around the world were building their language skills with the Coffee Break Languages podcasts and online courses. Since then, the Coffee Break courses – which are now available in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Swedish and English – have become immensely popular. Consistently at the top of the educational podcast charts, the courses have been recognised through numerous awards, including European Professional Podcast of the Year and the European Award for Languages and have featured in The New York Times, the Guardian and on the BBC. Millions of learners have built their confidence in a language or taken up a new language using the friendly, accessible and successful method, effectively transforming their down time into "do time". The Coffee Break team of language experts, teachers and native speakers is led by linguist and educator Mark Pentleton. Mark speaks over ten languages and, through the Coffee Break podcasts, courses, videos and books, is honoured to share his passion for language learning and the opportunities it provides.