Get Started in Latin

Get Started in Latin

GDA Sharpley


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Get Started in Latin is the ebook and audio course to follow if you are taking your first steps in Latin, whether classical or medieval. Follow a Latin story set in a medieval monastery, where conspiracy unfolds in the cloisters, Vikings threaten to attack, and young lovers set out to unmask the villains. And discover the principal authors of classical Latin and read quotations from their writings.

The audio contains readings of the story and of the classical authors. All the Latin we are left with now are seemingly lifeless letters on a page or in stone. In its day Latin was a language to be heard: readings in the ancient world were recitals and performances - poems, speeches, histories even. So while you may not need the audio to learn the ABC of the language, you do if you want to experience and enjoy Latin to the full. And how do we know how it sounded? Find out inside.

The ideal course to learn Latin if you're a beginner, this new edition includes:

An introduction to classical Latin authors - ancient writers like Cicero, Tacitus and Virgil
A medieval story : a Latin 'whodunnit' - practising each new point of language
Grammatical explanations and vocabulary support in each unit
Lots of exercises - to practise each new point of language
Discover how Latin evolved through the centuries - and its immense impact on English
Listen to the story and the classical authors on audio - to experience the sound of Latin

"The best part of the book is its lively narrative...As carefully graded passages [the story sections] are much more useful than another collection I have used. The practice sections are excellent."
Dr Conrad O'Briain, Trinity College Dublin

"Absolutely THE best book for beginners."
Amazon reviewer

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GDA Sharpley:
A classicist by training, George taught Latin at the University of Bristol for over twenty years to undergraduates, postgraduates and mature students, from beginner level to advanced. He has written and contributed to several courses and produced films for learners of Latin. He is also responsible for the development of learning resources for Lingua, a UK language-training organisation.



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Outstanding course. It does not follow the typical Latin learning method, memorising declension tables for the exam. If you want to understand, read, write and SPEAK Latin, this is your book