CBT: The Audio Masterclass

CBT: The Audio Masterclass

The Comprehensive Guide to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Christine Wilding, Stephanie Fitzgerald


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This is the additional material (including tables and diagrams) which accompanies the 2018 edition of CBT: The Audio Masterclass: The Comprehensive Guide to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (9781473688179).

This is a free PDF that is downloadable online. The main audiobook is available to purchase from most audiobook retailers. You will require the audiobook to get the most out of this PDF.


Christine Wilding:
Christine Wilding's books on CBT have sold over 50,000 copies. She holds a postgraduate diploma in CBT from the University of London, is an accredited member of the British Association of Counselling, is a member of the steering committee set up to develop guidelines for the treatment of depression within the NHS, and is in-demand as a leader of CBT-based training courses.

Dr Stephanie Fitzgerald is a Clinical Psychologist and accredited CBT therapist who specialises in the treatment of anxiety disorders, particularly obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). She has extensive experience of using evidence-based psychology, including CBT, to work with sufferers and their families, and also trains other health professionals to use these therapies effectively.



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