Complete Old English

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Complete Old English

Mark Atherton


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Mark Atherton:
Dr Mark Atherton is Senior College Lecturer at Regent's Park College, University of Oxford, where he teaches Old and Middle English and the History of English. He is widely published on the subject of Old English, both from a linguistic and literary perspective, and has written numerous academic papers and monographs.



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Reilly Waldron commented on Complete Old English from Complete Old English: Okay. So, I like how well this goes along with the book, but I have to be honest here.... The way that the tracks are labeled/numbered is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. It's a wonderfully crafted resource to go along with the book, but it's really very frustrating if you lose your place. Luckily the class I am in uses the book chronologically without skipping around chapters, but if I want to go back to anything from before I have to guess which track might be nearby and trial and error until I find the right track. Why aren't the tracks labeled by Unit and Section like their correspondent locations in the book? like Unit 10 the first space, so 10.00 is track FORTY THREE, and then the following 10.01 is track FORTY-FOUR. So, couldn't the track be numbered like that instead? Or at least the file name could be Track 10.01,10.02... etc.? That's not like a HUGE problem, but it is admittedly pretty significant. The product would appear a lot more usable and helpful if it were labeled properly. Aside from that error, the product itself is really great. And I've started just labeling the first track in each chapter by track number, so I wrote 43 next to 10.00, 34 next to 8.00, etc. so that if I do lose my place I can at least figure out close to where I should be.
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