Enjoy Norwegian

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Enjoy Norwegian

Intermediate to Upper Intermediate Course: Improve your language

Elizabeth Moorhead Halvorsen


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Do you want to have more meaningful conversations in Norwegian? Do you want to feel comfortable in a variety of situations?

Based on authentic texts, such as songs, poems, and conversations between native speakers, this course will help you improve and build upon the language you already have so that you develop your skills to a level where you can enjoy communicating in Norwegian. You will be introduced to the more advanced points of Norwegian grammar, as well as more colloquial language, and develop your vocabulary so you can express your opinion on a number of topics, as well as react to other people's opinions.

You will enjoy learning about the culture, history and geography of Norway and its influence on the language.

This course will take you from a good intermediate level (Level B2 of the Common European Framework / Advanced Low of the ACTFL) and help you progress up to C1 / Advanced High.


Elizabeth Moorhead Halvorsen:
Elizabeth Moorhead Halvorsen has taught Norwegian at Concordia College in the US and in Oslo, Norway, where she prepared students to take the official Norwegian proficiency exam. She has a degree in Language Education and Translation and a MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).



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